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In today's interconnected world, organizations, whether they are educational institutions, sports teams, or non-profits, face unique challenges. Attacks from external entities opposing their values or extreme behavior from members within can significantly impact their mission and community. Brinker understands these challenges and offers specialized solutions to protect and uphold your organization's integrity.

2023 Use Case Highlights

A Premier League club protecting its player

tweet 1.png

A racist and abusive tweet directed at a Premier league club’s player


Arriving at the personal details of the user



Automated Letter of notice 

Takedown of user by Brinker 

Possible Actions:

tweet 6.png

Tracking down social media presence, and other digital footprint 

Customized Solutions for Organizations

Brinker's platform is designed to address the specific needs of diverse organizations


Defense Against External and Internal Threats

We recognize that threats to an organization can come from both outside and inside. Our AI-driven technology is adept at identifying and mitigating attacks that oppose your values, whether they originate externally or from extreme elements within your own community. This ensures a safe and respectful environment aligned with your mission.


Upholding Organizational Values

For organizations built around specific values and missions, maintaining a consistent and positive image is crucial. Brinker's platform helps in reinforcing these values by monitoring and addressing any content or actions that contradict them. We assist in keeping your organization's narrative focused and aligned with its core principles.

Brinker is committed to being more than just a platform; we are your partner in maintaining the ethos and integrity of your organization. Trust us to protect your values and mission, ensuring your organization thrives in a secure and respectful digital environment.

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