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How do we differ

At Brinker, our primary objective was to analyze what works manually in countering social threats and then automate these processes.


This approach empowers entities to tackle a broader range of issues more effectively, not just conserving their resources for major cases. Additionally, it provides entities that currently lack the means to address these threats with an affordable and efficient solution, giving them a fighting chance in the digital arena.

Our focus is on automating mitigation

Taking decisive


as opposed to merely detecting or conducting manual investigations, which is the current market trend. This proactive approach sets us apart, ensuring that threats are not just identified but effectively neutralized.

Focus on the information that truly matters – instead of countless alerts, we present just the critical ones that require your attention.


Many companies offer social listening tools, which are primarily marketing-oriented. However, these tools are not fine-tuned for identifying abuse and malicious content. Unlike these platforms that may inundate you with data (imagine sifting through three million mentions), Brinker's technology is designed to filter the noise.

Furthermore, Brinker offers an end-to-end solution, seamlessly integrating security and marketing into a single process. 

This integration eliminates the need for multiple vendors, simplifying your operations and ensuring a cohesive strategy for both protecting and promoting your brand.

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