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In the digital space, creating an appearance of truth, and turning hate into incitement all come easily. Many targets are mostly powerless in the face of this tsunami. The platforms don't have enough incentive to act, and law enforcement lacks the resources. 

Pursuing action consumes significant skills, time, and money, which leaves most people and businesses out of options when they are attacked.




Brinker helps high-profile individuals, brands, and organizations fight online social threats and weaponized misinformation by using AI-powered investigation, legal action, media publication, and social flagging. 

Designed to operate where conversations happen, it provides three layers of proactive technology: (1) online abuse monitoring, (2) AI-driven analysis and diagnosis, and (3) The Antidote – which enables you to take action by correlating the attack to local regulations, optimizing the presentation of evidence, and providing the address it needs to reach in order to effect change. The platform is open-source and crowdsourced, and based on methodologies that have been proven effective in thwarting thousands of malicious online attacks in recent years.


we are guided by a set of fundamental values that not only define who we are but also the clients we aim to serve. These values are the bedrock of our operations and our commitment to making a positive impact:


Human Rights

We staunchly believe in and uphold the inherent dignity and equal rights of all individuals. Our services are designed to protect these rights in the digital realm.

Freedom of expression and the freedom to live without undue harassment are principles we fiercely defend.



The Rule of Law


The Pursuit of Happiness

We recognize that the pursuit of happiness is a fundamental human goal. Our efforts are geared towards creating a safer online environment, enabling individuals and organizations to thrive without fear or hindrance.


We stand for equality and strive to level the playing field in the digital space. Our technology is an ally in the fight against discrimination and inequality.


Our commitment to the rule of law is unwavering. We ensure that our actions and solutions are aligned with legal standards and contribute to upholding justice.

These values are not just words to us; they are the principles that drive every action we take.
We seek to align with clients who share these ideals, working together towards a more equitable and just digital world.

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