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At Brinker, we recognize that for high-profile individuals – be it politicians, celebrities, or business leaders – your personal brand is intrinsically linked to your ability to create impact and generate revenue. In the digital world, this brand is constantly under scrutiny and vulnerable to attacks, including organized online harassment and impersonation.

2023 Use Case Highlights

Candidate Up for Reelection in Mayoral Race

Detected a Facebook page impersonating of official municipality page and tarnishing current mayor’s name. 


Tracking down social media presence, and other digital footprint 


Tracked page history, showing a deliberate hiding of the real administrator’s identity  and affiliation, thus violating election law.

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Compiled an evidence-based report, tailored to the central election committee, demonstrating specific legal violations.

Possible Actions:

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Tailored Defense for Public Figures

Our platform is specifically designed to address the unique challenges faced by high-profile individuals:


Comprehensive Online Harassment Mitigation

We understand that public figures are often targets of intense and organized online harassment. Brinker's AI-powered technology proactively identifies and mitigates these threats, ensuring your reputation remains intact. We focus on neutralizing negative impacts swiftly, allowing you to maintain your focus on your professional and personal life without undue distraction.


Impersonation Detection and Takedown

Impersonation on digital platforms can significantly harm your reputation and mislead your audience. Brinker specializes in identifying and taking down impersonating pages and content across various platforms. Our vigilant monitoring and rapid response protect your identity and ensure that your audience connects with the real you.

With Brinker, you have a partner dedicated to safeguarding your personal brand and reputation. We're not just about identifying threats; we're about actively combating them. Trust us to be your ally in maintaining the integrity and impact of your personal brand.

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